White Leather Sofa - 3

White leather sofa

Leather sofas look very decent and modern and especially white leather sofa increases the elegance of your lounge. They look very trendy but it is also very important that they should be cleaned and maintained on regular basis. A lot of products are also available in market to clean them but here are some easy steps to clean sofa at home.

• First it is better to remove all the dust and dirt particles with the help of a vacuum cleaner. As it will remove all the dust so the wet cloth will not rub dust to other parts of the sofa.
• After using vacuum cleaner, take water in a bowl and add equal amount of white vinegar into it. If you do not have white vinegar you can use readymade leather cleaner solution.
• Take a soft cloth and dip it into the solution. But remember that the cloth is not too wet, it should be damp.
• Wipe the leather sofa with the help of this cloth and on and off rinse it in solution. It is good to start from the top areas and then go to lower areas.
• After cleaning, it is important to dry the sofa. For this purpose blow drier should not be used but a dry cloth is preferred.
• There are some alternate methods as well. Such as using white leather sofa cleaners made by different companies. If you do not want to use vinegar than you can also make a solution of water and beauty soap and can use it for cleaning purpose.
• Some people also recommended that saddle soaps can be used for cleaning purpose. But their repeated use is not good for leather.
These are easy steps to clean your white leather sofa at home. The use of harsh cleaners such as ammonia compounds and bleaching powder can damage the expensive sofas. So it is better to make a good cleaner by yourself or get some made by a good brand. Leather sofa should be cleaned twice a year or if required, after three months.

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