Where to put the sofa table?

Where to put the sofa table?

How it came up?

I was looking at the morning paper when suddenly one advertisement struck my eye. It was an ad for a Sofa Table and the price they gave it away at was quite cheap. I looked around my Drawing room and felt that I need a Sofa Table. My room is not that big but comfortable enough to provide a good spot for gatherings, evening soirees and the like. A sofa table will surely complete the space and provide a support for keeping things when needed. So I went for the phone and dialed the ad seller’s number and made the order. What I didn’t take into account was the first physical contact needed before making such purchases and need to study before buying anything.

The Arrival

It was two days later the table was delivered. I can’t say I was shocked but disappointed. The Table didn’t remotely resemble the one which I saw on the broad sheet and was a far cry from it. But then I had acted in haste and ordered something which I wasn’t completely sure of and went blindly for the advert. But the real problem started later on.

The Problem

My Partner arrived and saw the Table and what followed was short of a world war. She was furious as to how I made a purchase without consulting her and the quality of Table delivered and not agreeing with her taste. I tried to reason and convince her that Table is a useful addition to the Drawing room but women folk are something who are vehement when they stick to a claim and will guard it no matter what.


Finally we settled for the Table to be shifted to the bedroom as it could serve a better purpose there and didn’t have to return it as she wanted to. But I did learn a lesson. Never go for the glam quotient. If you feel that you need to buy a piece of furniture first judge whether you need it or not and better still visit some shop to get a feel for it. It’s your money which will be spent so spend wisely. Last but not the least please do have a conversation with your other half before making any such decisions and not to feel guilty about it later.

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