Leather Sofa Bed - 5

What should be preferred, leather sofa bed or fabric sofa?

With the availability of a large variety of fabrics and material in sofas it has become difficult to choose among them. It is important to make a right decision as it is a long term investment. It is a difficult decision either to go for a fabric sofa or leather sofa bed. There are some advantages and disadvantages of both leather and fabric sofa beds so one can decide according to desire.

Advantages of fabric sofa bed
• A lot of colors, textures and fabrics are available so one can match sofa with curtains and walls.
• The use of fabric on sofas give a warm effect in the rooms and by using fresh color fabrics, the room will look more bright and spacious.
• Different kinds of fabrics such as linen, cotton, velvet or wool can give a completely different look.
Disadvantages of fabric sofa beds
• If there are children in family, fabric sofas can be stained and it becomes difficult to remove stains.
• Sometimes fabric can be torn off from some places and it becomes necessary to change the complete fabric.
• Textures and patterns can sometimes become boring so cannot be used for long time.
Advantages of leather sofa bed
• It is very easy to clean sofa beds in leather by only using vacuum or wet cloth.
• Leather is very comfortable and durable. It does not rip or tear from places so it can be used for years.
• Leather always remains in fashion and you do not need to update your furniture like fabric sofas.
• Sofa beds in leather also come in different price ranges which make them more affordable.
Disadvantages of leather sofa bed
• Sharp objects can easily damage leather so one should be very careful. You can check best prices and reviews about the subject.
• There are not many color options available in leather.
• Leather does not give warmth like fabric and it is cold to touch especially in winters.
So these are some of the pros and cons of sofa beds in leather or fabric. One can decide by considering his requirement and nature of use.

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