What is modern furniture?

What is modern furniture?

What is it?

Modern Furniture came into being from the late 19th century but gained prominence after the 2nd World War when old notions of decorative slowly began to be replaced by minimalist art stressing on the ease, comfort, mobility and financial access to greater populations. Also this type of furniture started using metal and plastics more than wooden work and led to a great reduction in use of wood for furniture and a revolution in the furniture market as every person wanted to have one of those for their household and soon furniture was no longer a luxury of the rich but thrown open for the public as well.

What constitutes Modern Furniture?

The chairs which we use at office or the plastic stools at home or the park benches made of metal are all examples of modern furniture. This constitutes all the furniture which is widely available as well as well as make our lives easier by providing support, ease of use and comfort while performing our jobs. Even the partitions used in your office are a part of modern furniture which conveniently separates you from the crowd and helps you to concentrate on your job rather than the side talk happening at the other desk.

How is it different from previous generations of Furniture?

The ornate carved wooden posts or the massive beds carved from ivory are all part of the Old school of Furniture art and greatly stressed on the use of carvings and decorative art style. Naturally it involved huge man power to generate such pieces and were thus much more suited to be used by the elite class. Ordinary people could hardly afford furniture of such decorative art and the furniture used by them were quite crude as compared to their elite brethren. But Modern Furniture changed all of it as it brought a parity among the various sections of the population and even an ordinary man could use furniture to furnish their place and decorate it as per his wishes. It not only brought an apparent financial equality but also greater access to comfort, mobility, etc. but at the cost of losing all those decorative artwork.

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