The luxury of leather furniture

The luxury of leather furniture

What is it?

Leather furniture are known to present a combination of quality and luxury and present a feel good factor when one uses it. Although leather is far expensive than the far more common counterparts, if you feel that you need a leather furniture as it suits your need and matches your taste then go for the kill. But before you make the purchase there are some things which you ought to know.

Types of Leather

There are several types of leather found in the market and one needs to have a complete knowledge of what to buy and what to avoid. First of all, you need to assess your needs and the environment where the furniture would be used. Reason being different types of leather behave differently and you don’t want to end up with a sofa or chair torn up after 3-4 months of use.

We have the bonded leather which is actually not pure leather but a combination of leather and other fibers. Being a combination, it is far cheaper than normal leather and is more durable and longer-lasting than its counterpart. Then we have Full grain leather which uses the entire skin of the animal albeit without the hide and fur and is quite expensive and rough to use but will become smoother with the passage of time. Then again we have other variations of full grain like top grain, split grain, etc.

which are also leather but far less durable than the full one or the bonded one and cautioned against using in environments involving a lot of friction. So not good if you have children in your house, clambering up the furniture and might tear off the leather coating.

Places for buying it

Any reputable Furniture store will sell these furniture and according to one’s taste can house a collection of different leather items and you can choose what to buy. Also you have online outlets like eBay or renowned furniture makers IKEA who have outlets of their own and will cater to your different needs and wishes and give you the perfect item to buy and take it home.

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