The best corner seat fabrics

The best corner seat fabrics

When choosing a sofa it’s always hard to place it within a room but a corner sofa is made specifically for a corner in your house. However, its key to not that fabrics are not the same for all seats hence its best to select the best fabric for your design. There various fabrics used for corner seats they tend to range in properties and functions among other things.

Advantages of various fabrics on your sofa

Linen and cotton

This are the most common fabrics used with corner seats. This is due to the following reasons.

Compared to leather fabrics they come at rather cheap price. This makes them the safest option for when you’re considering a corner sofa and you want to avoid paying too much for it.

Easy to clean.

With a corner sofa comes restricted movement. Hence it’s advisable to consider an easy to clean cover. Fabric covers offer easy methods of cleaning that are possible with locally available washing products. This makes cleaning up stains easy and is quite convenient to people with households prone to stains and liquid spills.

Linen and cotton are definitely they best option to consider when you have pets, kids or you simply love easy maintenance. There also the best when it comes to shopping on a budget or when you’re planning to keep the sofa for a short period of time.


Wool is another common fabric used on leather seats. Its dense and crisp hence brings out a smoother sense of sophistication when compared to cotton and linen. Wool is a little more expensive than other common fabrics used on corner seats but is definitely one of the best.

Why wool?


Wool is quite durable when it comes to single thread damage as well as seam damage. This is quite an important factor as it influences the life of your sofa.

Stain resistant

Unlike other fabric wool is really hard to stain and most stains especially on dark colored wool fabrics can go unnoticed.

So whatever corner sofa you may choose always remember that the fabric comes before the design.

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