Sofas from sofa factory, bangalore

Sofas from sofa factory, bangalore

Sofa factory is a sofa manufacturing firm located at Horamavu Road, Dodda Banaswadi, and Bangalore. The firm deals with manufacturing, importing, trading, supplying, wholesaling, distributing and also exporting of furniture. The furniture they deal with include luxury sofas, dining room furniture, chairs and other home furniture.


The Sofa Factory offers furniture that is manufactured by using high quality materials right from the wood to the leather, foam, etc. This makes their products have high durability and strength. The wood processing and other designing steps use modern production techniques which results in the delivery of top quality furniture. The furniture is made to be termite resistant considering the local conditions. Their products are well known for their comfort, appearance and ergonomics.Services

The Sofa Factory provides other services than just sofa manufacturing. These include repairs, upholstery and reupholsters. They also provide custom designed furniture according to the needs of your room’s dimensions. They also take up home and office interior design projects for the furniture part of it.


The Sofa Factory uses high quality wood and other materials for their furniture. They use sleep well foam, high gauge springs, high density elastics which are difficult to use. They use need wood which naturally has termite resistant characteristics making the sofa very durable.


The Sofa Factory has a well-established area with well-organized production line and modern equipment for creating their masterpieces. They have two fully equipped production units run by a team of motivated, expert craftsmen. They give high priority to satisfaction of their clients and tailor their products according to the needs.


The Sofa Factory provides top quality furniture at the most economical prices making this one of the leading dealer of furniture in the area. They provide sofas with top class designs at factory rtes. The durability and modern designs of their furniture look way more expensive than they cost. Hence, the Sofa Factory provides top class furniture at prices affordable by all. So if you are looking to redesign your house with good quality and custom made furniture, then the Sofa Factory is the place to go. You can check out their products in the following website: .

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