Sofa slipcovers

Sofa slipcovers

Sofa covers offer the required lively feel on a seat. Depending on your preference, sofas with slipcovers can bring a customized feel to your sitting area. Although you might need to shop around for your preferred sofa covers, making them saves on cost and ensures you get the right cover you want. To achieve, the following are some of the necessary requirement.

Material and size

First you need to establish the required material ideal for you. There are numerous materials to choose based on texture, weight and patterns. Next thing is to determine the size of your sofa. Measure the width, the length and height of your sofa. Factor in the edges and arm rest indicating them on a writing pad.

When shopping for a material, search for a more solid color factoring in matching colors with the content of your household or sitting environment. Clean the acquire material and iron when dried to give it a softer texture especially when working on it.

Pattern creation

Cover the sofa with a temporary paper or cloth then draw the pattern shape with erasable material. Ensure you capture every corner properly in the same time taking measurements. The drawn shapes should indicate the areas in which you need to cut. Once complete, take out the temporary material and cut out the shapes fitting them to the fabric. The drawn out patterns will guide you on where to cut out and bring the shape of the fabric.

Sewing and fitting

Once the shape and design is cut out nicely, fit the designed fabric over the sofa on the wrong side out.. Pin every end to bring out the shape of the sofa. Then get down sewing the fabric pieces together according to how you pinned it on the sofa. Sew the pieces and once they are all adjoined, fit then nicely over your sofa again on the wrong side out. Pin every corner of your sofa to ensure if fits tightly. Sew the hanging ends to give it a holistic view. Replace the wrong side to the right side up and enjoy your seat.


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