Sofa cushions

Sofa cushions

What are sofa cushions?

Sofa cushions are used to enhance the look and add extra comfort to your sofa. Sofa cushions are of various sizes depending on the type of sofa. These sofa cushions are usually made of foam. These foam are rated on the basis of the years of durability they offer. The sofa cushions involve both cushions for sitting and on the back rest. A softer cushion is used for the back rest to give more comfort and relaxed position.


There are many types of sofa cushions available which include:
– All foam cushion: This is the most common and usually preferred type of cushion. They are usually made of convoluted foam with a polyester fiber wrap. These do not show wrinkles on the sofa.
– Spring down: This type of cushions are made of springs which are coiled along with foam box surrounded to it. The springs gives a flexible feel along with added softness.
– Blend down cushion: These are the softest cushions and formed by thin foam covered in thick polyester fiber and topped with thicker poly- fiber blend. The form of the cushion is so soft that it squishes the moment you sit on it. It deforms and needs to be fluffed up when you raise up from them. They provide the most comfortable feel.
The sofa cushions are the most crucial and important part of the sofa as they provide the comfort while seating on them. The color and fabric can be of your choice or can be custom made when instructed to the seller. The cushions of the sofas and the back cushions come either attached or loose.

Testing the sofa cushions

The best way to narrow down and choose what kind of seat cushions you like, one can visit the store personally and take a check by sitting on different sofa cushions available. Be sure that the ends of the sofa cushions should not raise up when you sit in the middle of the sofa. On the basis of the comfort, cosines, durability and looks you can decide on what you want to take home

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