Slipcovers for sofas

Slipcovers for sofas

Be it the living room, your office or just our favorite lounge, sofas can be redecorated and revamped thanks to slip covers bringing out a lovely and enhanced look in your sitting area. These covers come in wide variety of choice to suit your preference. There are factor to consider before you settle down to that lovely sit cover for your sofa which include;


A well-chosen fabric material will ensure that you get durable, quality and stylish covers. Heavy cotton or canvases are the best material to choose from. Your choice of fabric should also consider the need to mend the fabric if it wears off due to washing. Consider the weight, texture and fitting of your fabric. You can also factor in the preferable washing options for your fabric. Check the product description before buying to ascertain it will comfortable with you when washing.

Size matters

The choice of you cover should definitely be guide by the size of your sofa. It advisable to take the correct measurements before you head out to shop. You can give an allowance of a few inches or better yet let your designer/interior decorator assist you. There available fabric which can stretch and easily fit in to your sofa.

Style up

There are many options available depending on the consumers’ preference. From modern to traditional formats, sit cover designs are available to meet preferred options. However it is advisable to maintain a simplistic approach. Let your house set up inform you on the best side seat covers. The less the content designs, the more stylish and appealing it becomes. Color preference also matters. You may want to go for something which will be durable and doesn’t fade. In this case a white cover will serve just right since you can wash out stains with minimal damages.


Comfort remains the ultimate objective we enjoy from sofas. Regardless of whether you are a fashion enthusiast or just looking for a worthwhile seat cover, there are numerous preference for to choose from.

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