Simple tips for couch cleaning

Simple tips for couch cleaning

Cleaning your couch can help to keep it looking its best and also prolong the life of your couch. There are many different methods that you can use for either spot cleaning or for giving you whole couch an all over clean to get it looking back to brand new again. The methods that you would use vary depending on the material that your couch is made from. Below is a quick overview of how to clean different kinds of couches.

Fabric Couches

Again, the cleaning method will vary depending on what type of fabric the couch is made from. Regardless of the fabric type through, the best place to start is by vacuuming the whole couch. Make sure that you remove the cushions and vacuum underneath those as well as a lot of dirt and much can end up underneath them, especially if you have children. The next step would be to select the cleaning product to use. This will vary dependant on the fabric type. Some spray on stain removers that you can get at the supermarket work well forthis task or there
are special cleaners that you can get that are specifically designed to clean couch types such as micro fibre or suede. Always spot check the product in an inconspicuous area first to ensure that whichever product you use is not going to damage the material. Spray the product on and then allow it to dry completely, if the fabric fades or incurs any other type of damage, do not use that product for the rest of your couch. If it tests out ok though, you are fine to proceed. Apply the cleaning product to any heavy staining and then use cloth to give it a bit of a gentle scrub. Next use a fresh cloth dampened with some water to remove any excess product. You can try to dry the area using a dry cloth, but I like to use an iron or hair dryer as this seems to work a lot better. For micro fibre lounges, areas that have been cleaned can sometimes go a bit stiff. You can prevent this by using a dry scrubbing brush on any areas you have cleaned, before drying.

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