Refresh your couch with new couch cushions

Refresh your couch with new couch cushions

Replacing old couch cushions can make a big difference to the look of your lounge room. It can bring a tired old couch back to life or add exciting new flair by choosing colour that matches the latest seasons fashions. There are some things that you need to keep in mind when you are looking to purchase replacement cushions for your couch.

Not only do you want the materials to match, but you need these cushions to be the right size as well. The following will give you a few tips to help selecting replacement cushions for your couch a little easier.

Measure First

This is so important, the last thing you want is to order new cushions for your couch and have them arrive and not fit. This would be very annoying. The best way to go about measuring is to measure your existing cushions for length, width and depth. If your

are ordering new back cushions, make sure these are measured as well. You could consult with a local reupholstery specialist for some expert advice

 Pick a Fabric

You may want a different fabric for your new cushions to give your couch a great new look, or you ,may want something exactly the same as what you already have. Either way, you need to know what material you want to have covering your new cushions. If you want the same as you have already, unzip an existing cushion and find the care label. That should tell you what material the cushion is made from.

Choose the Colour

If you want your new cushions to match your lounge, could take a piece of one of your existing cushions to a furniture store to find out the proper name for the colour. You could  even give your couch a totally new look and feel by selecting a completely different colour or fabric. The choice is yours.

Getting new cushions for your couch is a great and inexpensive alternative to purchasing a new one. You can make an old couch look brand new or give it a totally fresh new look.

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