Recover l shape sofa instead of replacing

Recover l shape sofa instead of replacing

Recover L Shape Sofa Instead Of Replacing

Buying good furniture is a difficult task as you have to spend a handsome amount of money on a good quality sofa. If your old l shape sofa is torn or faded out then you definitely have to get a new one. But just before going for shopping, give a look to the old one and check if the seats are still firm to be sit and just the outer covering is destroyed. This is good news for you because you can save your money by putting a little effort on makeover of the old sofa.

Changing complete covering or just hiding some parts.Large Corner Sofas

First of all notice that how much your sofa is damaged. If the whole upholstery is torn then a complete new covering is required. But if there are some holes or just one part is faded it can be covered by using patches or throw cushions.

Making new covers

Once you have found out that your l shape sofa requires a complete new fabric to be covered you can easily make it by yourself. This is another opportunity to select a fabric of your choice with amazing patterns and textures which will give it a complete new look.

You can also buy ready-made covers but making it yourself is also quite easy. You can use old sofa cover to get an idea that how it is sewed.

  • Measure the sofa and take fabric of your choice.
  • Take the older covers and use their size to cut a new one.
  • Now sew the cut pieces according to the old sample. An important tip while making sofa cover is to label the cut strips and pieces as where to join them so that you do not mix them up.
  • Now put the cover over the sofa and give it a proper shape.

L shape sofa is quite expensive and difficult to buy again and again but you can save your money by being a bit creative and it will require not much hard work


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