Overview of arm chair

Overview of arm chair

Overview of Arm Chair

A high surface made of furniture with back rest is called a ‘Chair’. It is used by a person to sit. Chair high surface is supported by four legs and a back. A chair which does not have back and arms is called as Stool. An Arm chair is a chair with four legs with an inclined back. A swing is a type of chair which will be hanging from the top. If the chair has a place for more than one person, it is often referred as bench, sofa and couch.


In olden centuries, chair was a symbol of dignity. In United Kingdom, chair is considered as the article of authority. Chairs became common after 16th century. Chairs were made of wood carvings and seat was covered with leather and the total height of the chair is much lower compared to today’s chair height. To provide richness to the chair, it was covered with ivory, carved woods and other materials which are high of cost.  Individuals in higher ranking sit on honoured chairs. In 1880’s, almost in every household a chair is available for dinner. Fancy chairs are produced which are bought by reputed families. Currently, we have bean bags, foldable chairs, massage chairs and butterfly chairs in shops.

Materials Used:

Occasional Chairs

Arm chair used in gardens are made of metal, in which the back is ventilated using ropes. Nowadays, chairs are made from recycled products. Chair back is decorated with wooden works and artistic designs.

Arm chair:

A chair which has arm rest is termed as Arm Chair. Arm rests will support the body part without causing any discomfort. Arm rest should support forearm but not the elbow and hence the arm rest is not continued till the elbow in some chairs. Also, having chair with arms makes sitting and getting up easier for any person.


Chair can have the below accessories associated with it.

  1. Foot rest – Used as stool to place legs
  2. Chair cover – Commonly used for attractiveness
  3. Chair pads – Cushions to increase the comfort of sitting posture
  4. Chair mats – Used to cover flooring for easy moment of chairs
  5. Remote Control bags – To hold any remotes to operate while seated
  6. Chair Glides – To prevents the chair from any damage or scratch

In this modern society, chair is being used in every house. Chair designed for different purpose serves its function very efficiently. Thus, chairs which are meant to have powers have changed to be commonly used thing in today’s era.


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