Making the best choice of second hand sofas

Making the best choice of second hand sofas

It may often be necessary for one to opt for second hand sofas as it is much more economical and well sometimes you simply fall in love with a particular sofa going for an irresistible price. Second hand sofas may be obtained from an individual or a manufacturer store, whatever the case as one contemplates making such a purchase, accounting for the following tips will be a wise course.


How much space is available in a room is what will determine the size of sofa you buy and of course it has to be something that fits perfectly yet leaving living enough breathing space.

. Be practical by taking accurate measurements of the doorways, distances between these and the corners of the living room or fireplaces. Then make a thorough consideration to the depth of the sofa and height off the floor for sake of any older persons and kids who often find it inconveniencing getting into and out of a sofa.

Sofa type

Then the decision trickles to the actual sofa type, a selection can be made from the following main types.

Corner type sofa: this type is most preferred for small rooms as it comes in various sizes of which an ideal one can serve lots of space. There is also a humongous array of designs, colors and material fabrics.

Modular type sofa: this one is highly adjustable and customizable, it thus caters for family or personal space needs. It is very cost effective when weighed against how much space can be created in a room.

Chesterfield type sofa: This is a highly original make of sofa dating way back with a rich historical background; it is the ultimate choice for one looking for durable sofa. Chesterfield can last up to 10 years of usage while providing a fantastic vintage look to your living room.

Sofa beds: these are best for small spaces and for those regularly receiving unexpected guests. Modern designs can be quite comfortable and easy to assemble.

Corresponding Décor

An evaluation of the rooms’ décor should be made to decide whether the second hand sofa will fit in perfectly, including additional upholstery.

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