How you can repair your leather sofa from home

How you can repair your leather sofa from home

Leather seats are some of the most delicate sold out there. A scratch or tear can be so disastrous that it needs urgent critical attention or simply just some little attention. Some of the repairs are super simple and one can do them at home by himself and some are quite complicated and will require some professional help.

Simple DIY leather repairs

Use of recommended kit

When dealing with matters yourself it’s important that you first contact the sofa manufacturer or the shop you bought it with for details on the type of leather your couch is made with. They tend to be quite helpful and might even supply you with kits to ease up your work. This will enable smooth treatment of your leather without having to hustle with household goods and is definitely the most recommended type of leather DIY repair.

Baby oil and saddle oil

If the above fails for you no need to despair this will definitely not disappoint when it comes to scratches. Buy a thick piece of cotton and tear it up when the scratch is too big or simply use a cotton bud if the scratch is sizable. Pour a little baby oil on it or saddle oil if you do not have baby oil at hand and gently rub over the scratch. Rub over while checking to see if the scratched area has a darker shade.

Use of a wet piece of cloth

Rub it gently on the scratch this will achieve almost the same result as baby oil. Keep repeating for better results

Shoe polish.

It’s very important to first have information on the type of leather your sofa is made of this is due to the fact that shoe polish is not recommended for some grades of leather. After getting information to ensure you don’t damage your sofa simply rub the polish gently on the scratched area. This may not heal the leather but it will act as a good cover up.

There’s nothing wrong in ruining your leather seat accidents are bound to happen so use this clever sets to ease your burden.

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