How to use complementary colors with blue sofa

How to use complementary colors with blue sofa

How to Use Complementary Colors with Blue Sofa

Whenever you think of blue color it gives a soothing and calming sensation and you feel relaxed. Decorating your rooms with blue color scheme is a good idea and many people like to go with this. Various shades of blue are there which can be selected to make your room look more bright, cool and spacious. Blue can go with almost all of the colors so you can decorate your house in a way you like.

Decorating with complementary colors

As blue is a soft and cool color, its complementary colors on the color band are vibrant shades of orange, red and yellow. Blue makes the room cool so if you want to add a little warmth go for the complementary colors. Here are some fabulous ways to decorate your home in a modern style.

    • If you have a dark blue sofa in the living room you can throw bright orange and yellow cushions on it. It will make an amazing composition of hot and cold.
    • Painting the walls with light blue shade gives a feeling of sooth. So you can add table lamps of orange shade to create a more dramatic look.

Blue sofa ideas

  • If you have white walls with dark floor, go for navy blue curtains to enlighten the room. You can decorate living room as well as lounge with this color scheme.
  • Pale blue sofa can be complemented with burnt shades of red and orange. You can use cushions, rugs and lamps to give a definition.
  • If your room has fine woodwork and tinting walls go for blue shades in the selection of curtains, carpet and floor cushions to create a natural look.

Apart from the various shades of complementary colors, you can also go with the analogous color scheme such as purple and green. Blue sofa can also be used to experiment with the other shades of blue like turquoise, cobalt and sky. If you want you can add some patterns in the room. So style and decorate in a way you like with the fabulous blue.

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