How to reupholster your couch

How to reupholster your couch

Reupholstering your couch is a great alternative to buying a new one. Especially if the couch that you invested in in the first place was high quality. Your frame and foam is still probably in a fine condition, but the fabric is looking worn and old. Or you might just want to freshen up your décor and give you home a more modern look by changing the material that is currently covering your couch, either way, reupholstering your
lounge is a great money saver.

Enlist the Service of a Professional

If, like me, sewing is not something that you are particularly good at, it is probably best to enlist the services of some one who reupholsters couches for a living. There should be plenty available in your area. Just ensure that they are reputable companies so that you can be assured that your couch will come back to you looking exactly the way you want it and the result will be of a very high standard.

If you Want to do it Yourself

If you are a handy type of person, it is possible to reupholster your couch your self. Ensure that any material you purchase is actually furniture grade. Most reupholsters  will have access to fabrics that they can sell you. Before you pull the couch apart it is a good idea to take photos so you know what goes where. The first step in the do it yourself process is to begin removing the old fabric from the couch. The more carefully you do this the easier the job will be later. Not only will avoid damaging the structure of your couch, you will be able to use the old pieces of fabric as templates for when you are cutting out the new fabric. When cutting the new fabric, leave a little extra around the edges, or in other words, make the new pieced slightly bigger that the old ones. The next step is to sew together any pieces that require sewing. A heavy duty machine will be required for this. Using a heavy duty staple gun, work from the inside out to attach the fabric back to the framing of your couch and you are done.

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