How to repair your leather couch

How to repair your leather couch

Leather couches are much hardier than their fabric counter parts and can last for years if maintained correctly. If you leather becomes damaged however, there are some things you can do get it looking as good as new again.

How to Repair a Tear Your Leather Couch

If your leather couch gets a tear in it, it is actually that hard to fix.
You do however, need the right products and some of these are specialty products that are specifically for repairing tears in leather couches. The first step is to trim the edges of the tear to provide a smooth edge. Next you insert a patch behind the tear and glue into place (from the inside of course), to bring the tear as closed as possible. Next you apply a special filler. This is applied numerous times and you can use a hairdryer to dry it in between coats. You can then use a sponge to emboss the final layer of putty with a leather grain look. Next, you simply paint over the putty with some special leather
paint that matches the colour of your couch and you are all done. The results, if this technique is done properly are quite astounding.

How to Repair Scuff Marks On Leather Couches

This is another relatively easy thing to do. Again though, you will need some specialty products. The first step is to clean the area that is scuffed. Next use some fine sandpaper to smooth out the scuffed area. Next you would apply several layers of filler, allowing to dry between each coat. Then you sand the putty back so it is level with the rest of you leather.  Now you apply some leather paint in the appropriate colour and allow to dry, finally a finish is applied and you are done. Again this works wonders and if done properly, you cannot even tell that the damage was there in the first place. Leather repair is an easy thing to do and gives great results. It is something that you should consider doing before buying a new couch.

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