How to cover couches using bed sheets

How to cover couches using bed sheets

How to Cover Couches Using Bed Sheets

At times it happens that you have small kids in your home and they really mess up the living room while someone from outside comes there suddenly. It makes you really feel bad when all the couches are untidy and your guest cannot sit on them. But you do not need to worry as a little creativity can help you at the moment and you can avoid possible tension. You can use bed sheets to cover up the sofa and no one will notice that it is un-stitched bed cover which you have used as sofa covers. So here are easy steps to make sofa covers without sewing.

    • Take measurements of the couch from sides and top so that you can find out the right sized sheet. A big sheet is needed to cover the back and seats.
    • If you placed cushions on the sofa, remove them.
    • Then cut the selected sheet crosswise and put the two halves on each of the arms.
    • Cover the seats with the flat sheet and put the rest of the cloth on the back. Now all the extra fabric at the sides and the back should be secured neatly with the use of pins. This will make it look tidy.
    • Set the fabric on the arms and secure its inner side so that it does not slip off.

Couch Bed

  • If your couches are placed against the wall it is fine but if they are placed in the middle of the room then another sheet should be used to cover back so that the pinned area is not visible.
  • Take another sheet and wrap the cushions into it. Use pins to tuck the cloth at the back of the cushions.

These are simple and easy steps to cover the sofa at the last moment. You can easily place the sheet over the sofa in no time. This will give a fine and tidy look to your living room and no one will find out that you have covered couches with un-stitched cloth.


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