How to clean your leather couch

How to clean your leather couch

Leather couches are a lot easier to keep clean that other material types, but over time they can still get stained and worn looking. You also need to be careful as to what products you use when cleaning a leather lounge as you do not want to deteriorate the leather or cause any colour fading.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

There are products available that you can get that are used to condition your lounge. This puts a protective coating on the leather making it less prone to staining. These types of products can also prevent your leather lounge from cracking by restoring moisture to the leather.

If Cleaning is Required

There are many products on the market that are specifically designed for cleaning leather. These are the only products you should use. Other types of cleaner can badly damage the leather and do far more harm than good. Some general household items such as vinegar and oil can actually work wonder for your leather, just take care in using them. Even when using
specific leather cleaning products, it is always good to spot clean an inconspicuous area first, just to double check that it is not going to damage the leather in any way. After the spot test is done, you know that the product is safe to use (which most quality products will be). Apply some of the leather cleaner to a non abrasive cloth and then gently rub at the stain. Use a separate cloth that has been dampened slightly to remove any excess cleaning product. Then us a dry cloth to completely dry the area. Repeat this process for any other spot cleaning that may be required. It is always a good idea to go over your couch with a leather conditioner after cleaning it as some products can dry the leather out, making it prone to cracking.

What to do if it Doesn’t work

If you are using high quality products and use them according to product instructions, you should get the result you are after. If however you still feel like your leather is not looking its best, you could employ the services of a professional leather cleaner.

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