How to clean your couch

How to clean your couch

Cleaning your couch is a very quick and effective way to bring a tired, shabby looking lounge back to life. If you have the right products and the know how, you can get that old couch back to new in not time at all. The method you will use depends on what type of couch you have. Leather, microfiber and micro suede are common different lounge types that people have and below you will find some tips for cleaning these different types of materials,

How to Clean a Leather Couch

There are products you can buy that are designed for cleaning leather. These are the only products you should us other than a couple of general household products. Some general household items such as vinegar and oil can work well for your leather, however take care when using them. Even when using specific leather cleaning products, it is always good to spot clean an inconspicuous area first, just to double check that it is not going to damage the leather in any way. After the spot test is done, you know that the product is safe to use (which most quality products will be).

How to Clean a Microfiber Couch

To start with use your selected product to remove spot stains. Begin by wetting a cloth with your cleaning product and gently rubbing at the stain. Then use a damp cloth to remove any excess. Finally dry the area. If your couch is heavily soiled try this method over the entire couch. Once you have finished cleaning give the areas you cleaned with a scrubbing brush to prevent the fabric stiffening. You can then use an iron or blow dryer to get the whole couch completely dry. Then you are done!

How to Clean a Suede Couch

Use a stain remover spray or suede cleaning product to clean any staining that may occur. Always check these stain removers on an inconspicuous area first to ensure that they don’t damage your lounge. Apply the stain remover product to the area, scrub with a damp cloth and then pat dry with a towel or paper towel. The same method can be used for small dirt, sauce or any other stains. Just wipe the excess away first and then use a fabric stain removing product.



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