How to choose an appropriate sofa design for your home?

How to choose an appropriate sofa design for your home?

There is no doubt in the fact that sofas are a very integral part of the living room. No living room is complete without a finishing touch of a well-chosen sofa. They can be arranged in a multitude of ways to add a uniqueness to your home. However, the paradox of choices can be baffling for many.

To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of top 5 sofa designs that are currently ruling the market and home owners throughout the world are buying or having a desire to buy them.


This age-old beauty has been used from hundreds of years and still a best-seller. The wide range of colors and fabric option it offers, makes it highly popular among buyers. Every manufacturer tries to crate their unique design when it comes to them. Some can have a higher back, while other can have a smaller back, some will have removable cushions, while others won’t.


Sectional sofas are gained a major popularity in recent times. They can be arranged in different ways, making them a perfect choice for homes with limited space. Most of the buyers set them in “L” shape, while others arrange them in their own ways. Majority of sectional sofas are made up of 2 pieces. Some like to keep them together, while many other keep they separate.


Their ability to work as a sofa as well as a sleeper is single-handedly responsible for its popularity. They are extremely easy to set up and is very popular at homes that do not have a separate guest room. Though they are much heavier than traditional sofas, their dual functionality outweighs this minor drawback. They are normally upholstered in fabric, but many manufacturers offer them in leather as well. You can check best prices and reviews about .


Thy can be considered as a modern version of sectional sofas. While the sectional sofas have individual cushions for separate pieces, chaise sofas have one long cushion that is arranged at an angle from the remaining part of the couch. This ability of chaise couches enhances the comfort by preventing the poking of the cushion edges.


The small and attractive built is responsible for its popularity. Loveseats are normally a part of a set. They have minimum space requirements and is perfect for homes with limited sitting space. They can normally accommodate 1 or 2 people.

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