Good sofas are hard to come by

Good sofas are hard to come by

What do I need?

I am looking for a nice comfortable Sofa to rest my butt on and uncoil when I haven’t got anything better to do. It should give me shelter from all worries clouding my mind and leave me undisturbed in my own cocoon. But I found the quest for a good, old sofa an arduous task for I needed to climb high mountains to low valleys to finally get one. It’s not to confuse people that I had to travel a lot for getting the sofa but for a couch potato like me it’s hard to get a quality sofa. So let me tell you how I got it.

Where did I Start?

First of all, I opened up my lippy and started browsing through various sites to get the Sofa I need. I did get a lot of options and all I needed was my credit card and putting it in the blank field before pressing the Buy Button. But I stopped myself before doing it. Why? I had to get up to get my Credit Card, you fool. (Giggle) But the truth is, somewhere in my mind I thought why I shouldn’t try it in the local market before making a purchase. You see, I do go out for an evening stroll daily and I had spotted an IKEA store at the corner of the market and thought should give it a visit.

The Purchase

In the evening when I went out for the stroll I found the IKEA store just hanging a small billboard outside their store. It read” Annual Clearance, 50% off. Claim it now”. I heaved a sigh of relief as I thought it might be quite cheap and I can get a sofa to my liking. But alas! The starting range was way above my budget and I couldn’t afford to buy the one which I wanted. Dejected I came out.

Then I saw at the other end of the road, a small shop hanging a similar board. I went to it with slow steps not expecting anything good to get there. But Good God, I was wrong! They did have the sofa which I wanted and was far cheaper than the store across the road. So I bought it and brought home and dived into it like a fish takes to water and spent the rest of the evening dozing in my Good Old Sofa.

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