Finding the best pit couch for you

Finding the best pit couch for you

A pit couch is designed to be a conversation pit for entertaining large groups of guests the shape of the allows everyone to gather round for some good conversation and good times. Some have enough space that a small table can be placed in the middle to drink and nibbles. Others have shelving that runs along the back of them, giving extra storage space in your home and another spot for drinks and other goodies. They are generally also modular as well. This means that if the need arises, you can change the configuration of the pit couch to make
sleeping space for guests.

Choosing a Pit Couch

As these are generally quite large pieces of furniture, you do need to ensure that there is enough space in your home to allow for one of these. It is important for you to figure out where the couch will be positioned and measure the maximum amount of space that you can allow for one. You need to consider where the idea location for the couch would be by thinking about
where you TV is where are your windows and other things like that. The space allowance should be a square as this is the formation that these types of couches generally come in. Other things that need to be considered are the type of material you would like to have covering your pit couch. Leather is a great option as it is hard wearing if maintained correctly and is also easier to clean than fabrics are. Fabric may be a little more hard work in terms of cleaning, but will offer you far superior comfort as it isn’t slippery like leather can be and it doesn’t get as hot or as cold as leather.

Buying a Pit Couch

once you have figured out what size and material you would like, you can begin the fun part of shopping around to find a pit couch that will suit your needs. Also make sure that the colour you choose matches your existing décor. I like neutrals as they tend to go with everything.

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