Evolution of sofa design

Evolution of sofa design

Evolution of Sofa Design

Sofa commonly known as ‘Couch’ is used for seating. Couch is used by one or more people to sit and sometimes nap as well. Sofa can be seen in restaurants, hotels, living room, lobby and gardens. Origination of the word sofa is from United Kingdom whereas the word couch is commonly used in North America and Australia. The most common type of sofa includes seating for two people with cushion seats. Two person sofas are called as loveseat sleepers as it will be comfortable due to its smaller size.

Materials Used:

Couch has a frame which can be made of wood, steel or plastic. Usually maple wood is used for making wooden couches as it is free of defects. Covering of the sofa is usually made of leather which is tanned and softened to give attractive appearance.

Modern Sofa:

The first modern sofa commonly called Marshmallow sofa is designed by Herman Miller, an American company. This sofa design has become the icon for all modern sofas designed later. Marshmallow sofa is created by placing a metal and filling the cushion in circular form framing a pattern. This playful sofa was designed to be sold at homes and for offices. To give a different look, the cushions were filled with different

Design Sofa

coloured covers. Cushions can be of same color to give a plain look. Actual designer of this sofa was Irving Harper, but the credit was taken by the company George Nelson associates for long decades due to George’s crooked attitude. The price of this originally produced sofa is $15,000.

Different Sofa Design:

Below are the different types of sectional sofa design.

  1. Sectional Shapes
    1. L-Shape
    2. U-Shape
    3. Semi-Circular
  2. Sectional Styles
    1. Contemporary
    2. Modern
    3. Traditional
    4. Coastal
    5. Mid-Century
  3. Sectional Designs
    1. Stationary
    2. Modular
    3. Reclining Sectionals
    4. Sofa/Chaise sectionals
    5. Home Theater style


  1. Upholster/Materials
    1. Leather
    2. Polyester
    3. Faux Leather
    4. Microfiber
    5. Chenille
  2. Patterns
    1. Solid
    2. Floral
    3. Striped
    4. Plaid
  3. Back Style
    1. Cushion Back
    2. Tight Back
    3. Pillow Back
    4. Camel Back
  4. Arm Style
    1. Pillow Top Arms
    2. Track Arms
    3. Round Arms
    4. Armless
    5. Recessed Arms
    6. Flared Arms


Thus, Sofa has become common furniture in every house, which provides comfort and attractive look. Modernized sofa comes in lot of variety with new design which makes people choices more difficult.


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