Do wood floors or carpet make for a cleaner home?

Do wood floors or carpet make for a cleaner home?

This question reminds me of an article I read a few years ago. The article was about commercial hospital flooring.

Flooring, janitorial and hospital industries were working together to decide what was the healthiest environment for there patients recovery rooms.

In the past hard surface flooring such as sheet vinyl was the only thought since it could be cleaned down to the surface at a regular schedule. They also came to recognize that as germs and debris ended up on the floor is was easily kicked back up into the air by walking, where it could be inhaled by patients, staff and visitors.

The other school of thought was to install commercial carpet in the recovery rooms because of these following benefits.

Carpet is softer and more comfortable and tends to make family members stay longer. It is a know fact that having loved ones around help the healing process.

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