Couch designs

Couch designs

The couch has an important role in deciding the theme of the living room as well as deciding the amount of time you spend there because no one wants to sit on the uncomfortable couch while watching TV or spending family time. There so many different designs for couches that allow you to style your room according to your taste. Each of these has its own unique elements. The following list will give you an idea of what is the difference in the various styles. The main factors that decide the type of couch are the height of the back, the various components like cushions and frame and also the upholstery. Here are a few different typesBridgewater

This is probably the most common style of sofa design. The design is rather casual but it offers lots of comfort. The arms are lower than the back and are generally rolled to the side. This type of couch hardly adds any effect of its own to the looks of the room but it fits in quietly with most rooms irrespective of its theme.


The Camelback design adds an element of richness and wealth to the room. The wooden frame is exposed allowing you to keep tabs on its condition at all times. The distinguishing feature of this type of sofa is that the back extends into the arms from the center along a continuous line. The modern camelback designs are designed to be a little more comfortable than the vintage models.


This kind of couch is perfect for waiting rooms or cafes. Its distinguishing feature is its continuous back which extends into the arms and the almost same height of the back and its arms. These are kind of compact and are perfect for couples.

Chaise Lounge

This is something that you would generally find in a shrink’s office. But when you come to think of it, the comfort it offers is pretty impressive and its design catches your attention right from the first glance. This couch is generally used as patio furniture. The ones with waterproof cushioning can be used by the poolside.

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