Convertible sofas

Convertible sofas

It is natural to have a comfortable sleep when you have a comfortable bed. But sometimes it isn’t possible to have a big bed. This may be due to the financial issues or the dimensional constraints of the house. Buying a sofa which converts into a full sized bed is the solution to go for in this situation. This not only solves your problem of having a big bed but also gives you an extra piece of furniture by just folding up the bed. This also comes in handy even if you are having a huge house and bed but have too many guests over. Just unfold the sofa and you got a bed for them!

The Sofa-beds are one of the most functional pieces of furniture as their design gives you a spacious room when they are folded and gives you a huge bed when you are ready for sleep.


There are two types of sofa-beds depending on the type of cushioning. A traditional sofa bed using different cushioning for the bed and the sofa. The foam used for cushioning the sofa is on top when it is folded into a sofa. The foam that is used for cushioning when it is unfolded into a bed is hidden underneath this layer of sofa foam and remains free from the effect of all the usage of the sofa.
A futon uses the same cushioning for both the sofa and the bed. Though the difference between a sofa-bed and futon is not boldly defined, this must give you an idea of what the two are and what you are compromising when you choose to go for a futon. You can check best prices and reviews about the subject.

Parameters to choose from

The other parameters that you need to decide before buying a sofa-bed are its dimensions, material used for framework and the mattress selection. The dimensions can be specified according to the room size or the requirement and sofa-beds for all bed sizes are available in the market.
The frame is either made from wood or metal. Metal frames tend to be lighter and free from termite problems and these sofas have higher mobility. The choice of wood becomes important when you decide to go for a wooden frame. Using high quality wood free from moisture will make your sofa-bed sturdy and free from splinters. The design of the frame also decides the durability of the sofa-beds.

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