Choosing the perfect dog couch

Choosing the perfect dog couch

Do you want to give your dog the perfect space for rest and sleep. Why not take it up a step from a simple dog bed and get your pooch their own couch? There are many advantages for both you and your dog from investing in a dog couch. Not to mention they are super cool and some are really stylish as well. Ther are a lot of options available so finding one that will match your dogs needs and also suit your home is a highly possible thing to achieve.

Why is a Dog Couch Better Than a Dog Bed

set aside the fact that dog couches look great, they can actually provide some real benefits for your dog in terms of health and behaviour. Having a well padded couch that is elevated slightly from the ground will help you dog to stay a
little warmer in winter. The design of a couch also means that the dog is more supported whilst resting which will reduce joint stress and the possibility of developing arthritis prematurely. For dogs that already have arthritis, they need a super comfortable space to rest on so that they experience as little pain as possible. Another great thing about a couch is that they are heavier than a normal bed. Now I own a dog and every time I have brought him a bed he has dragged it out into the backyard and chewed it to shreds. If he had a couch he could not do that. Giving your dog their own couch will also help to keep them off your couch and off your bed, meaning less mess and more space for you to enjoy your furniture.

Choosing a Dog Couch

if it your dog couch will be in your lounge room, look for one that will blend well with your other furniture. If it will be outside, ensure it will resist the weather. Another thing to keep in mind is the size of your dog. The last thing you want is to get your new dog couch home to discover it is too small.

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