Choosing a good quality white leather couch

Choosing a good quality white leather couch

You may think that leather is leather. This unfortunately is not the case, there are different kinds of leather and the type that is covering your sofa will make a big difference as to how long your sofa will last. A cheaper leather will mean your lounge is cheaper, but it will not last for as long and will not take to cleaning quite as well. If you are choosing a white leather couch, this is very important. So how do you know what is good quality leather. The following will explain the different types and the advantages of each.

Split Leather

Split leather is a popular choice for cheaper couches. When making split leather, the leather has layers shaved off so that more leather can be gained from a sigle piece of hide. It then has an artificial layer added to the top of it to make it look like conventional leather. The splitting process makes the leather thinner and less durable. For cleaning, you must be very careful not to damage the synthetic coating or even wear a hole in the leather itself.

Corrected Grain Leather

Although stronger than the split corrected grain leather is still not the most
durable. Corrected grain leather has been buffed to remove any natural imperfections in the leather and then is embossed with a natural leather look. If you want a sofa that has no imperfections in the leather than this may be a good choice for you. As it is more hardy than the split variety, it takes to cleaning a little better as well.

Full Grain Leather

Full grain leather has not been split, buffed or altered in any way. This means that it is thicker and more durable. Not only that, it is also more breathable, which means that it doesn’t get damp from contact as easily as other leather types. As it is more durable, it withstands cleaning better as well.

Make sure that you keep these tips in mind next time you buy a new white leather sofa and you are sure to be able to select one that is right for your needs and budget.

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