Armchair covers armchair slipcovers

Armchair Covers - 4

Purpose Not far from its name, armchair slipcovers are those pieces of cloths that are sown together to cover a chair. This piece of cloths serves a very simple and specific purpose of forming a covering for the chairs arms and backs or even the whole furniture, to preserve the ...

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Choosing your next gray couch

Gray Couch - 4

Grey is another one of those fantastic neutral colours that lends itself to so many different styles and colour schemes. Not too light and not too dark, grey would have to be one of my favourites when it comes to choosing colours for couches. With so many different styles, sizes ...

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The blue affair

Blue Sofa - 5

Your living room or any other room will always flourish if you have a certain theme; in the sense that the colors, patterns and other details perfectly bind with each other. So, if you are into blue, then there are various blue sofas that you will definitely love and you ...

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Futon sofas- made for comfort

Futon Sofa - 3

Chilling out on the floor might be okay for the youngsters and friends, but you just cannot ask your in-laws and other relatives to sleep in the sleeping bags or even on some air bed on the floor when they come to visit you. If you are looking for the ...

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