Beautiful couch covers to make them look modern and stylish

Beautiful couch covers to make them look modern and stylish

Selecting slipcovers for sofas:

If you go out to buy furniture for home or office, the sofas are the items that are offered in the variety of styles and selections. It is an admitted fact that sofa is the centerpiece of any living space. The style, color of fabric and pattern of these sofas may either dominate or support overall appearance of the room. Moreover apart from the bedroom furnishings, sofas are known to be the most expensive furniture items in the house. Therefore you will be concerned to save this investment from all kinds of things that may ruin them. Buying few slipcovers for sofas is one of the best ways to save your hard earned income that you spend on buying a sofa.

At the same time it has also been observed that buying a slipcover for sofa is not an easy task. Certain things need to be kept in to consideration while buying these slipcovers. There are two ways how these slipcovers are manufactured i.e.:

  • Mass production: Here ready-made slipcover is designed to fit variety of sofas offered by different manufacturers.
  • Hand sewn: These slipcovers are hand sewn by the professionals and are also named as “tailor-mades”.

Selecting sofa slipcovers:

We all know that sofas come in several different designs and styles. Similarly slipcovers are offered in order to meet the needs and requirements of all kinds of sofas. Sofas are categorized by the four different styles. They are as follows:

Tight back: These kinds of sofas do not have any cushions or pillows and firmest seats. These sofas offer formal and upright positions. Slipcovers for these kinds of sofas have fitting, snug and smooth appearance. Ready-made sofa slipcovers serve best for them.

Loose pillow back: these sofas have equal number of cushions and seats. This is one of the most difficult pieces to find slipcovers for.

Attached pillow back: These sofas have permanent cushions and pillows fastened that soften the sofa lines along the back of the person sitting.

Couch Slipcovers

Nice slipcovers for these sofas are easily accessible in market. But you will need to use padding to fill in the cracks holding the pillows down.

Multi pillow back: These sofas are also known as scattered back. Finding a slipcover for these sofas is not an easy job as well.

In short whenever you get out buying slipcovers for sofas; you need to see what kind of sofa you have at your place and then purchase accordingly.

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