Armchair covers armchair slipcovers

Armchair covers armchair slipcovers


Not far from its name, armchair slipcovers are those pieces of cloths that are sown together to cover a chair.
This piece of cloths serves a very simple and specific purpose of forming a covering for the chairs arms and backs or even the whole furniture, to preserve the main fabric from further tear or being soiled.


Just as mentioned above, slipcovers provides shield for the furniture against dust, sweat, pest or anything that may pose a threat to it.


Armchair slipcovers are not difficult to make, with little efforts you can actually do it yourself in a matter of minutes.

Just as I can’t leave you without a clue or quick guide on how you can make a simple armchair cover, let me take it from here.

You can start off by simply providing the fabrics, decorative trims, and the rest. First, cut large rectangles out from your material, then fit
them snugly around each section of the chair,
pinning as you go, and looking out for the original shape of
the chair to show through. pin as closely
as you could around the edges, when you are done with that, trim any extra fabric edges to
get about a 1.5″ seam allowance you would need for your
templates. mark the templates to

remember where each one was supposed to go. then use the templates to cut the fabric out and repin the new fabric template inside out on the chair to get your new slipcover shape.
Then sew everything up carefully and refit on the chair to see how it fits. In the same spirit you can trace the shape of the cushion onto the fabric
leaving a 1.5″ seam allowance. To get the fabric allowance for the middle cushion
thickness, use a piece of string and run it all along the edge then lay it out on the fabric,
measure a few inches on either side, and cut it out, then pin the fabric around the cushion in the
same fashion as the chair, leaving an opening in the back, and you are good to go.

This covers are so relevant and safe as they are replaceable, washable and protective. Why don’t you try one this weekend

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