Are modular sofas the one for you?

Are modular sofas the one for you?

With a perfect combination of modern style, flexible layouts, unique elements, Modular Sofas are gaining a major popularity throughout the world. These sofas are made with a combination of separate sectional pieces, which provides the house owners the freedom of creating a variety of setups in the home. They are also ideal for homes that have a difficult or limited seating layout, as you can easily place the sections together or away from each other as per the available space.

However, when you are buying a modular sofa, there are something’s to keep in mind.

Fabric Used

Modular sofas have a modern design and are normally made up of dark colors that are set on streamlined, wooden frame. The common upholstery materials are leather, velvet, suede, corduroy, as well as synthetics that can be used to create the effects of any other material. Most of them are treated to prevent staining and make cleaning easier, making them a perfect choice for homes that have kids or pets.

Space Measurements

Before purchasing a modular sofa, buyers should measure the space where the sofa is supposed to be placed, as well as when they are about to buy a sofa, they should get the sofa accurately measured as well. Many a time’s users buy sofa, which is perfect for their rooms but difficult to pass through their hallway and doors. You can check best prices and reviews about Modular Sofa.

Individual Elements

Many seating elements together make a modular sofa. These pieces can be different by different manufacturers.

However, the common parts of a modular sofa are:

• Chair Modular Piece
• Corner Modular Piece
• Side Modular Piece
• Lounger Modular Piece
• Ottoman Modular Ottoman Piece

Accessories for Modular Sofas


Modular sofas are a combination of individual pieces and many a times cushions are permanently fixed on them. Instead of being a different piece altogether, cushions can be an integral part of a modular sofas layout. The sofas that have removable cushions have removable covers that can be washed when required.


You can simply push and move the pieces of a modular set. However, many sets come with linkages that hold the pieces together. They are normally positioned at the base of the sofa piece and can be connected with the other piece by its male-female links.

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