All you need to know about microfiber sofas

All you need to know about microfiber sofas

For many sofa buyers choosing the type of fabric to use o your seat is always a factor to consider. Many people tend to buy microfiber for one reason or the other without knowing exactly what it is.

What is micro fiber?

Microfiber is a fabric made of polyester of nylon. It consists of fine smooth tight threads that often result to its great dust resting factors.

Advantages of using microfibers.

Easy to clean.

Unlike materials like leather that require professional cleaning services when they get stained. Micro fiber is easy to clean and one can easily get stains out by using local household goods. This comes in handy for those with kids hence, expect constant messes.


Microfiber sofas tend to be generally cheaper than other fabric such as leather. This makes them the best choice for those who shop on a budget ranging from the lower ends to mid-range.

Soft and cozy

The smooth trends make the fabric feels neat and gentle to the touch. This feature makes microfiber sofas one of the best sofas to just lie on and occasionally take a nap on.

Resistance to scratches

For those with pets you probably wonder what type of couch is beat especially when it comes to cats. The tight threads are so perfectly weaved that they make it almost impossible for claws to penetrate. So if you’re looking for a seat that your cat cannot easily destroy, this should be the first type of fabric to consider.

Tips to use while getting your microfiber sofa.

Ensure the seams are well and tightly fit into the sofa. This is quite essential especially for those with cats. When the seams are not tightly fit it’s quite possible the cat can tear the Sofa through the loose seams.

Make sure you have protective treatment or ask if protective treatment can be used on the sofa. This helps in easy cleaning of the couch and ensures you do not suffer so much in events where there spills and stains.

Test various microfiber fabrics before choosing one. This ensures you know exactly what to expect from it.

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