Add some colour to your home with couch pillows

Add some colour to your home with couch pillows

Couch pillows are a great way to add extra colour texture and style to your home. They are a wonderful way in which you can spruce up an old couch very quickly and inexpensively. They can also help you to keep up with the latest seasons. But how do you go about choosing good couch pillows for your couch? There are a few hints and tips that will ensure that you purchase couch pillows that will give you the great look for your couch
that you want.


The size of throw pillows that you purchase depends on the size of your couch. Smaller couches look better with smaller cushions. That being said, if your small couch has a very high back, larger cushions could look quite nice. Larger couches are generally good for larger couch pillows. However , if you have a large couch with a low back, opt for smaller couch pillows or ones that are a rectangle in shape. This way they will not poke over the top of your couch and look strange from the back of your couch.


The colours that you choose depend on the colour of your couch. A great way to decide what colour couch pillows to get is to create a mood board. You could use some cardboard or a cork board to do this. Start with adding a piece of paper or some fabric that is the same colour as your couch and then begin adding other colours to see which colours compliment and which coloursclash. This is a great tool to use if you are thinking of going for a range of different coloured couch pillows. You can also add the colours of walls and other furnishings in your room to see if what you create with your throw pillows will compliment the rest of your room.


Texture is a key element in modern design. When shopping for couch pillows for your couch, purchase pillows with different and interesting textures. This will add an extra element of great design to your room.

Keep these simple tips in mind and you will easily be able to find the perfect couch cushions to suit your lounge room and add style to your home

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