5 tips for choosing your next sofa

5 tips for choosing your next sofa

Sofas are important piece of furniture for every home. No living room is complete without having some sort of sofa in it. However, buying a new sofa can be confusing. With so many choices available in the market, one can get easily baffled by the paradox of available choices.

To ensure that you make a correct choice, we have created a checklist of 5 points that can be very helpful, while you are out in the furniture market.

You’re Budget

The first and foremost thing, when it comes to buying a sofa, is your budget. If you have a budget of $500, there is no use of going through sofas that cost $1000 and above. Moreover, sofas are known to give buyers a sticker shock. Though they appear all the same to the eyes, their prices can vary to a major extent. Thus, keeping a fixed budget in mind can prevent you from over-spending.

Know your Style

There are people who love traditional looking furniture’s, while there are many others who like something more contemporary. Choose a sofa as per your style and your house interiors. A contemporary sofa will surely look awkward in any traditional setting, and vice versa.

Arms of the Sofa

A sofas arms generally indicate its genre. Thus, it is advisable to choose something that suits you and your house. Sock arms are recommended for casual interiors, rectangular, structured arms are ideal for contemporary spaces, whereas, curved arms are perfect for traditional settings.

It’s Use

What will you use the sofa for, is highly important for choosing one. You might want to place it in the living room for watching TV and use it every day, or you might want to place in a formal space and use it only occasionally? Make sure you have an answer to this question before choosing a sofa.

Sofas Leg’s

The legs of your sofa can be bare or covered. Both of these types have their own audience. While the one that has bare legs feel less overcrowded and is preferred by many modern house owners. The ones that have covered legs are ideal for houses that have a traditional setting. It is also important to know that the arms of your sofa should be in proportion to its legs.

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